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News Archive

The Hill: Animal-rights advocates sense turning point in chimpanzee research

Watch video: The Last of The Great Apes

Courier-Journal: Louisville Intl. Airport joins battle in war on illegal wildlife trade

Al Jazeera English: Chimpanzees ‘retire’ in Louisiana’s parkland

NBC News: ‘Ray of light’: Lab chimpanzees to retire to sanctuary

NBC News: Goodall praises NIH decision to remove some chimps from research, but controversy erupts over their next home

Public News Service: Future of Alamogordo Chimpanzees Still Unclear After NIH Announcement

Houston Press: Retired Lab Chimpanzees Pressed Back Into Service

Wired: NIH Accuseof Dishonesty Over Chimp Research Plans

NIH Suspends Future Chimp Research Funding After NM Senators Request Prompt Action

ABQ Journal: Senators Protect Chimps

CHIMP STUDY REVEALS MORE NIH DECEPTION - "most current use of chimpanzees for biomedical research is unnecessary." Flo's Medical History

NIH Deceives Taxpayers on Chimps; Heinrich Steps Up

ABQ Journal Editorial: NIH Intent on Cruel, Worthless Chimp Tests

Wired: NIH Accused of Dishonesty Over Chimp Research Plans

Scientific American: Ban Chimp Testing - Why it is time to end invasive biomedical research on chimpanzees
The testing began shortly after Bobby's first birthday. By the time he was 19 he had been anesthetized more than 250 times and undergone innumerable biopsies in the name of science. Much of the time he lived alone in a cramped, barren cage...

The Washington Post: Chimpanzee research an endangered species as experts debate usefulness, ethics
…But the role of chimpanzees in medical research is at a crossroads. Last week, the highest scientific body in the land put the issue on trial as a committee of the Institute of Medicine, part of the congressionally chartered National Academy of Sciences, met to deliberate the fate of nearly all of the world's remaining medical research chimps...

McClatchy Series Reveals Depth of Suffering
for New Mexico's Chimpanzees

McClatchy's new special report "Chimps: Life in the Lab" gives impressive detail on what chimpanzees in New Mexico have been subjected to. Stories from the series appeared in dozens of newspapers across the country, including locally the Santa Fe New Mexican, Albuquerque Journal and Las Cruces Sun-News.

LA Times: Sidelined Research Chimpanzees Given Longer Reprieve
A controversial plan to resume biomedical testing on semiretired, government-owned research chimpanzees living in Alamogordo, N.M., has been put on hold after the intervention of New Mexico politicians and a trio of U.S. Senators...

Albuquerque Journal Editorial: N.M. Chimps Get A Reprieve; 800+ Need It
For now, 186 are safe. That leaves more than 800 to go...

New York Times: Will Aging Chimps Get to Retire, or Face Medical Research
Flo the chimpanzee bounds about her enclosure, hurls a rubber ball then stares quizzically at the New Mexico green chile pepper that will be her morning snack. It has been a long time since Flo was on exhibit at the Memphis Zoo, even longer since she learned to smoke cigarettes during a stint with the circus...

AP: Retirement Or Research? Officials Debate Chimps' Fate
A decision to move 186 chimpanzees from a southern New Mexico facility to Texas is pitting government officials and scientists against a coalition of elected officials and animal rights advocates, including New Mexico's governor and also famed primate researcher Dr. Jane Goodall...

Albuquerque Journal Editorial: Feds' Chimp Transfer a Lose-Lose-Lose Deal
The federal government's plan to move chimpanzees from the Alamogordo Primate Facility to a San Antonio lab is wrong on so many levels it's hard to believe someone with all 23 human chromosome pairs approved it...

Scientific American: Chimps' Fate Ignites Debate
After a ten-year hiatus, the chimpanzees of the Alamogordo Primate Facility in New Mexico are being called back to duty. The 186 chimps, already grizzled veterans of medical research, will be pulled from an unofficial retirement and sent back into the lab by the end of 2011, the National Institutes of Health announced last month...

Psychology Today: Through a Glass, Darkly, and Out the Other Side
...Laboratory chimpanzees routinely experience hundreds of "knockdowns" (anesthetization by dart gun) and procedures that include liver punches, wedge and lymph node biopsies; and infection with NIV, hepatitis NANB and C virus. They live in terror and pain...

KOAT TV - Group Moves to Stop Alamogordo Chimp Transfers

60 MINUTES - Watch Dr. Jane Goodall's Interview on Our Connection To Chimpanzees



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